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UV-SYSTEM — Dental clinic in Vinnytsia

Services of the UV-SYSTEM orthodontic center

Our works before and after


restoration of upper and lower teeth


alignment of the upper teeth with metal braces in 6 months


teeth alignment and restoration


hereditary atypical shape of the incisor crown. Removal of the excess part of the tooth


alignment in case of significant curvature without removal


no space in the jaw for clicks. Surgical access and bracket system


excessive growth of the lower jaw with elongation of the lower incisors and corresponding facial features. The course of treatment is 9 months


open bite, impaired closure, chewing, and pronunciation. The course of treatment is 14 months

You can get full information about the cost of treatment after examination and consultation

Patient and dentist
sterile bag for initial examination
250 UAH
Orthodontics (alignment)
taking impressions, diagnostic models, drawing up a treatment plan
from 750 UAH
positioning, fixation of the bracket system
from 15,000 UAH
occlusal onlays, raising the bite height
from 2,000 UAH
new brace
from 1,500 UAN
new lock
from 800 UAN
fixation of the bracket, lock
from 300 UAH
one-time correction and activation of the brace system
from 950 UAH
removing the bracket system
from 1,200 UAH
retention apparatus
from 2,500 UAH
retainer repair
from 700 UAH
cap treatment
from 3,000 UAH
Professional cleaning
Professional cleaning
from 600 UAH
tartar removal
from 500 UAH
decrease in sensitivity and strengthening of enamel
from 850 UAH
from 200 UAH
sterile package
from 100 UAH
tooth filling
from 1,100 UAH
insulating gasket
from 500 UAH
temporary recovery
from 300 UAH
rubber dam
from 150 UAH
Teeth whitening
Teeth whitening
from 4,500 UAH
from 850 UAH
supportive therapy during the first 3 months
from 1,000 UAH
adhesive bridge
from 6,000 UAH
ultrasonic cleaning
from 500 UAH
fixation of a non-removable structure
from 750 UAH
Artistic restoration
Artistic restoration
from 4,000 UAH
template making
from 500 UAH
Endodontic treatment
treatment of the roots of the incisor, canine
from 1,000 UAH
treatment of premolar roots
from 1,200 UAH
treatment of molar roots
from 1,400 UAH
wisdom tooth root treatment
from 2,500 UAH
use of endomotor
from 500 UAH
unsealing the root canal
from 800 UAH
drug treatment
from 500 UAH
pin with fixation in the root canal
from 2,000 UAH

Thank you for your trust and kind words


Production technologist

The best dentistry in Vinnytsia, taking into account the price-quality ratio. Incredibly professional orthodontist. After braces, which were put on in another clinic, I wore a mouth guard, after which my teeth began to shift. After consulting Yurii Volodymyrovych, I had retainers fitted. Gentle and caring attitude to clients. They always tell you the price before doing anything, which is the first time I've seen it. Definitely worth a try to get your own impression.

Anastasia Koval

Finalist of the Miss Ukraine contest

Thank you for your help in the implementation of the project!  Everything was at the highest level!  Everyone is satisfied and happy!  Cooperation with your team is a pleasure!!!  Good luck and prosperity !!!!!!

Olga Dudnik

Miss Vinnytsia Vice Queen

Many thanks for the highest level of professionalism and conscientious attitude to your work. I have a dazzling smile and a good mood. It is always a pleasure to come to you. I wish you success and inspiration in your hard work!

Andriy Osadchuk

Ukrainian singer, musician

I am incredibly grateful to your dental centre for the excellent work and professionalism. Even the fact that I have to come to you every time from Kyiv speaks of the absolute trust and excellent level of your clinic. I advise everyone who knows me (and even those who don't) - come to treat your teeth at UV-SYSTEM and you won't regret it!

Iryna Baranova

MD, head of the City Clinical Hospital No. 2

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you. The peculiarity of your dental centre is accuracy, punctuality, and great respect for patients. For many years, I suffered from uneven dentition, which became worse with age. Thanks to you, in a very short period of time, I gained a charming smile. I consider your work to be the most professional in our city. I believe that Vinnytsia has no better orthodontist (and I have consulted many famous ones). With great respect, Baranova I.V.


Car sales manager

I would like to express my gratitude to the clinic and the staff for their attentiveness, politeness, and ability to eliminate any problem related to toothache in a high-quality and professional manner. I advise everyone to visit this clinic at least once and see for themselves.

Vitaly Tkachenko

A doctor from the UK

I am very pleased with the service and the work of all the staff. I have treated my whole family (wife and children). I will advise my friends to visit specialists from Vinnytsia dental clinic "YUV-SYSTEM". Convenient, comfortable, reliable and prestigious. Thank you very much for your good work and return of confidence in the future! Sincerely, always your patient V.B. Tkachenko.

Olga Mazur

Thank you for making dreams come true!!! Thank you for your responsiveness, professionalism, and attentive attitude to your patients!

The Malyshev Family

You are wonderful doctors. You have "golden" hands. Greetings from Milan.

Olga Fedorenko

I went to the doctor on the recommendation of my friend, who was very pleased with the result. I appeal to everyone who has bite problems or other problems - you will not regret it. Wearing braces is not as scary as it seems. The time passed quickly and as a result I am very pleased - a completely different smile and I recommend it to everyone!!!

Alyona Chirva

Thank you very much for your work! Now I have a beautiful and bright smile. The treatment was carried out for about 10 months and brought only positive results, and with the improvement of my teeth, my self-confidence changed. I currently live in Dubai and work as a director of Dr Ehab's Dental Clinic.

Iryna Zayka

For anyone who is still hesitating to get braces, especially those who do not know where to do it, I recommend, recommend and recommend again!!! Professionalism is felt here from the first minutes of communication with the doctor, and after 5 minutes of conversation, you will not want to leave this clinic at all. An individual approach and a warm welcome will satisfy even the most demanding. Having chosen a clinic 150 km away from home, I was worried that I would regret having to go for correction every month. But from the first steps, you immediately forget about the long journey when you see the smiling and happy to see you doctor and staff. And the most important thing is the result!!! which surprises and pleases me more and more every time. I wish you success and prosperity. You make this world healthier and more beautiful!!!

Evgen Chervonenko

Personally for U.V.

Cornelia Bondar

San Diego California, USA

I had a definitely positive experience. The staff was friendly and pleasant. The doctor is a very professional dentist. He made my experience less painful and more fun. 100% I will recommend to all my friends. Thank you!

Victoria Vashchenko


I am sincerely grateful to your orthodontic centre. I have never gone to the dentist with such joy as after visiting your centre. Very attentive staff, you can feel the professionalism in every movement. I wish your centre to receive only positive feedback. Thank you for your work. I will recommend it to my friends and acquaintances!!!

Installation of braces, veneers, aligners and bite correction in Vinnytsia

We bring to your attention the dental clinic UV-SYSTEM in Vinnytsia. In the dental centre, our doctors use only modern materials and technologies, which are also used by well-known world and European dental clinics.

We are proud of our dentists, who have 10-15 years of experience and are constantly improving their skills at domestic and international workshops. Coming to our clinic, you will be sure of perfect cleanliness, absolute sterility and mandatory compliance with all medical and sanitary norms and rules by our specialists.

The technical equipment of the Vinnytsia dental centre UV-SYSTEM allows us to meet all the needs of patients in the most difficult cases. And thanks to a reasonable price list for dental services, people with different income levels can be treated here and feel like VIP clients.

Vinnytsia is a leader in Ukraine in providing dental care to the population. This is due to the large number of private and public medical dental centres in Vinnytsia. And as you know, healthy competition requires better service, changes in approaches to modern treatment, and continuous improvement, which leads to higher quality of dental treatment.

Every day, people ask the same questions: how much does a filling cost, what is the price of a metal-ceramic crown, the cost of braces in Vinnytsia. These are more frequently asked than: what materials will be used, what is the warranty, what is the service life of the filling or restoration. It is impossible to make a diagnosis over the phone, draw up a treatment plan, calculate the cost... This requires a consultation with a dentist in a dental office in Vinnytsia. The patient, in addition to answers to his questions, will be able to intuitively feel the psychological contact with the dentist.

We invite you to a consultation, where the dentist will examine you and provide clear answers to your questions, namely how much does dental treatment cost, what is the price of dental prosthetics, how quickly can braces be placed, how gum disease is treated at home, how caries prevention is carried out, how to remove stains on enamel, how teeth are cleaned from stone and pigment, how teeth whitening is carried out, whether periodontal disease is treated, how to eliminate acute toothache on your own, what are the plates for bite correction in Vinnytsia, when a bracket system is placed and what is the difference between metal/ ceramic/sapphire/ lingual braces, when a bite can be corrected with a night guard, where the temporomandibular joint is treated, what is the best children's or adult toothpaste, when it is possible to replace a missing tooth in one visit, when a metal-ceramic/metal-free crown is placed reliably and inexpensively, what is a veneer, when an implant is placed, and much more...